vertigo manuevre (2016)
vertigo is an illusion of movement. it results from a disturbance in the vestibular proprioceptive system. Patients who report that ‘the room is spinning when they are not’ or that ‘they are moving when the room is not’ are most likely have true vertigo. but keep in mind that not every patient describes their dizziness in this way. in one study, patients were asked to describe their dizziness initially and then again ten minutes later; amazingly, half changed their descriptions.

vertigo manuevre – a thin laser line is vibrating as if the whole horizon is trembling – a feedback loop, in wich the signal is generated and constantly echoing between different media, translated by different mechanism in other spectrums and shifted to different frequency ranges of vibrations – laser light to > video to > fm radio > to audio > to physical vibration > to laser light. the feedback ist constantly modulated by the instable physical parameters of the translating mechanism - interferences in the fm radio transmission, interruptions of the laser beam or the camera image by moving bodies of the audience in the space.